the [s p a c e s] in between.

[where do we go from here?]

for all:
1. questions
3. or overwhelming desires to just shoot the shit…

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  • i have been trying to rid "Roach Jizz and Wack" from my timeline for years and y'all refuse to do your part. REFUSE! 1 day ago
  • RT @aaaisela: But now a borderline psycho at Gawker says it's A Problem so we must all read and educate ourselves! Gooodbye. Not. Today. 1 day ago
  • RT @aaaisela: Hol up. Black women have been talking about how awful Dr Dre is and how awwwful Straight Outta Compton looks… 1 day ago
  • 🌻 1 day ago
  • RT @mensah4000: Monday night, I’m reading an essay in front of people. I have no idea what I’m reading, but you should come anyway! https:/… 2 days ago

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