the [s p a c e s] in between.

fuck me sideways.

has been
absolutely shitty!

i miss him even more.
i don’t know if it’s even more, because it’s the end of the year
i don’t know if it’s even more, because it’s winter
i don’t know if it’s even more, because this separation makes sense
or because it makes…


[context and understanding and growth are important here…but i don’t feel like explaining.
i feel like being emotional and dramatic and that is okay].

today…i am tired.
and hyper sensitive.

the fact of the matter is…

i need him. i always needed him, but i need him.
i belonged to him.
i belonged to us.
no matter how strong i feel and how strong I AM⎯on my own,
strength on my own
without him to share it with…especially in moments like this…when i don’t feel
. . .feels⎯at times, hollow.
without purpose.


today has been absolutely shitty.
and i miss him.

mutually exclusive.

i want to share my shitty day with someone him and feel heard
and listened to. and even if he says nothing or just, “okay”, or talks me through it⎯

i still just want to share.

say, “good night” and “we’ll talk later.”

feel kept. i want to feel…no matter how minuscule my shitty day was on a larger scale…it was my day and it mattered.

and today
was an absolutely
shitty day.

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One Response

  1. Lena says:

    felt & understood dear.
    & I’m sorry today was such a raw, shitty day.😦

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