the [s p a c e s] in between.

working thoughts & philosophical musings.

[conception: 09.16.2010].

…because as children we are conditioned
to believe
that drawing outside the lines
is wrong
we, in turn, spend a great amount of time
reprimanding ourselves, as adults,
for “drawing outside the lines.”

lines” being a metaphor for all that is unconventional.

unconventional |ˌənkənˈven sh ənl|
not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed

unconventional: what is not “understood”?
understanding: being what is comprehensively pretty and accessible. what “fits” for the majority.?

[a period and question mark after that – it is a statement, but as i am still trying to grasp the concept of what it means to “understand” i feel to be so definitive in such a statement is premature
and prohibits room to allow for…understanding]

are perfect lines accurate for every design?
is perfection a conditioned understanding? is it learned?
or is perfection an individual goal outside of societal ideology?
societal theology?

can it be both?

is perfection synonymous with Christianity.
being “Christ like”.

is being “Christ-like” the same as being a Christian?

and if perfection is derived from the idea of being “christ like”,
can anyone who doesn’t subscribe
to that way of thinking⎯to those beliefs; can they too, obtain what is considered…perfection?

can you strive to be “Christ-like” without being a “Christian?

is perfection an innate desire?
if it is indeed innate, can one use that as evidence to support the concept of Creationism?

if we were created to strive for and/or desire perfection…
if Christ is the example we are to follow…

is convention our attempt at internally reconciling man’s innate sinful nature?
is convention our attempt at sacrifice? 

if one doesn’t subscribe to any or all of the beliefs and doctrines of “Christianity“…
if one seeks enlightenment and understanding alone⎯separate from the collective…
if one finds God [the idea of perfection] for himself…

can the collective still govern over, through the practice of convention, the concept of perfection?

then again

…if man is not perfect, how can man dictate perfection through the practice of convention for all?
if Convention &
Tradition…are all man made ideals…

and perfection is a Divine creation…

doesn’t that make perfection, like the concept of Time
by the limited scope of man?

doesn’t man’s control and regulations for man based on a NOT understood
the demonizing and chastising of the individual…
the reprimanding for difference and of being challenged⎯questioned

…strip us of a Divine understanding and or right, of the concept of “Free Will“?

even through the concept of “Predestination”
…can’t one argue convention, as then, arrogant?
the idea that if “God” has predestined the lives of man⎯
then man’s attempt to dictate convention promotes the ideal that “God” needs the help of man
to govern over…what he already controls.

if one is to adhere or not adhere to “convention”, should that not be a personal and individual decision?
and if it should, indeed, be an individual decision does not that decision promote
the practice of “drawing outside the lines“…even if one decides to stay “in the lines“?

the lines” being and allowing for individual boundaries and beliefs.
…or is the goal of convention to debunk the concept and practice of the individual?

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fuck me sideways.

has been
absolutely shitty!

i miss him even more.
i don’t know if it’s even more, because it’s the end of the year
i don’t know if it’s even more, because it’s winter
i don’t know if it’s even more, because this separation makes sense
or because it makes…


[context and understanding and growth are important here…but i don’t feel like explaining.
i feel like being emotional and dramatic and that is okay].

today…i am tired.
and hyper sensitive.

the fact of the matter is…

i need him. i always needed him, but i need him.
i belonged to him.
i belonged to us.
no matter how strong i feel and how strong I AM⎯on my own,
strength on my own
without him to share it with…especially in moments like this…when i don’t feel
. . .feels⎯at times, hollow.
without purpose.


today has been absolutely shitty.
and i miss him.

mutually exclusive.

i want to share my shitty day with someone him and feel heard
and listened to. and even if he says nothing or just, “okay”, or talks me through it⎯

i still just want to share.

say, “good night” and “we’ll talk later.”

feel kept. i want to feel…no matter how minuscule my shitty day was on a larger scale…it was my day and it mattered.

and today
was an absolutely
shitty day.

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so real.

jeff buckley will save me from myself today
it is painfully obvious i am feeling self destructive
and overwhelmed with a familiar anger and a turbulent tired.

it’s days like today i just want to escape in his sound⎯
so i shall.

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“…searching for completion.”

drenched in internal inquires.
i went looking for the answers
and stumbled upon a meager revelation.


a disruptive and relentless heavy.

dreams deferred.
memories of hope
the hope for more…the collective not considered or included.
individual dreams for
the respective individual mattered more.

discovery: sore balls. nervous energy⎯ascension.
no mention or detail into feelings or
BEings. [that has and always will matter].
and even though i “…love your colors.”
your “…many different, crazy colors…
with data in black and white
your story, now
only in black and white

details are minced and lost in a monochrome translation.

searching for the narrative behind your hieroglyphics
…i become
sick. overwhelmed.


and filled.

understanding: communal property is sacred and never to be dug into
even if oil lies beneath.

truth: insider trading is the sole source to my wealth.

concluding.’ – e.badu

armed with a loaded intent…weighted perception.
encouragement⎯lifeline: allowing for reciprocation.
i: breathe. breathe. breathe.

[patience is a trait i am still working on].

sitting amongst solitary hope
for the matters of the individual.

mindful that all matter matters and love
will determine the road i next travel.

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“you take me in your arms…and i fold into you.”

i am (stripped)
christina aguliera.

sia was the best thing that happened to christina. this song here.

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bits + pieces.

i love a heavy, uninhibited laugh.

there is something so pure and honest and vulnerable in a laugh like that.

something so attractive and despite it’s weight and expansion…something quite intimate about it.

so unbridled and demanding.

it’s almost⎯tangible.


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