the [s p a c e s] in between.

…however, on a much lighter note.

…because Arnez J will
NEVER NOT be funny.

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“you take me in your arms…and i fold into you.”

i am (stripped)
christina aguliera.

sia was the best thing that happened to christina. this song here.

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‘earn my affections’.

“i’ve fallen in love with myself and i want someone to share it with me.
i want someone to share me with me.” —eartha kitt.

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  • also: The Americans? sooooo good. or at least season one is. i still need to watch season two. 1 day ago
  • from fiona to mariah to bjòrk. 1 day ago
  • that video is partly the reason i love rain as much as i do. 1 day ago
  • couldn't tell me that this wasn't me in '97, tho. 1 day ago
  • that was in-between the "potions" i used to concoct with hair and cleaning products. god, i was such a strange child. 1 day ago

back in the day (puff)


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