the [s p a c e s] in between.

“stolen moments”

dreamin’ ’bout you
i keep dreamin’ bout you
when i’m dreamin’ ’bout when you would say

4 minutes 51 seconds:

we can go.”

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i…Love[d] [an excerpt of something or other or maybe not...but i mean, it's "som e thin g."].


i have loved too much
loved inappropriately
and in fear and in need and loudly and obscenely. loved when there was no love to give
loved the undeserved

i was undeserving…too.

loved in hate and anger. loved in some of the most disgusting and pitiful…the most demeaning ways.
i have loved in lies. lied in love.
held onto those who loved me just to feed off their love in an attempt to preserve my own.

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